Air Conditioner Repair & Service Billings MTMany cooling systems are not regularly serviced, which can lead to the system operating less efficiently and more costly. Our Complete Care Tune-up offers you a chance to keep your equipment running at its peak efficiency and gives you confidence that when that first hot day of the summer arrives your system will be ready, and you won’t be waiting for a service technician to come to your home.

Our Complete Care Tune-Up is very thorough. Here’s what’s included:

Complete Care A/C Tune-up

  • Check/Clean Outside A/C Coils
  • Check Electrical Contactor
  • Check Electrical Connections and Components
  • Check Furnace Blower (Clean if Necessary)
  • Check A/C Operating Pressures
  • Test Thermostat
  • Cycle System to Check for Normal Operations
  • Clean Condensate Drain
  • Replace Normal Size Filter (If Needed)
  • Replace Belt (If Needed)
  • Oil Motors (When Possible)
  • Grease Blower Bearing (When Possible)

The Complete Care Tune-up includes all of the items listed above for your home’s air conditioning system. Additionally, our technician performing the Complete Care Tune-up will make recommendations if any repairs are needed and tell you the cost of the repair.

Price: $189

It was after 5pm when I started calling around. The first place I called didn’t try to get us in and the person I talked to didn’t seem very friendly. The 2nd phone call I made was to ACT & was greeted by a friendly voice (Penni). She told me they would try to squeeze us in the next day (a Friday), or else we had an appointment for Monday at the latest. I was very pleased to get a phone call at 9:30 Friday morning saying a technician was on his way! We were very happy with the service we received- everyone we had contact with was very professional, friendly and courteous. Our A/C issue was resolved and without any hesitation I can say I would recommend ACT to anyone needing heating-cooling services. Thank you for making this experience flawless and for your excellent customer service!

Jessica Thronson
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