ACT Heating & Cooling Inc. carries the PaceSetter product line simply because we believe in the quality of PaceSetter products. All PaceSetter products are constructed with exceptional materials, engineering, and workmanship. PaceSetter products are championed by some of the strongest warranties in the industry. ACT PaceSetter products carry a warranty of 10 years parts and labor.

ACT has the expertise and experience to ensure correct installation of your new equipment. All of our technicians receive recurrent training and are well versed in proper installation methods and techniques. ACT performs analysis unique to every home before installing new equipment to ensure correct equipment installation.

“The most important day of your equipment’s life is the day it’s installed.”

With ACT and our PaceSetter products you can have confidence that your new equipment will be installed correctly and operate efficiently for many years to come.

ACT Heating & Cooling uses PaceSetter Gas FurnacesPaceSetter Gas Furnaces

PaceSetter Furnaces are manufactured with quality components that you can rely on and are backed by a 10-year warranty. These units features a quiet, corrosion-resistant, induced-draft blower motor and has a durable Silicon Nitride Ignition System with integrated controls and diagnostics.

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ACT Heating & Cooling uses PaceSetter Air ConditionersPaceSetter Air Conditioners

Backed by a 10-year warranty, our PaceSetter Air Conditions are the perfect investment in long-lasting comfort at a great price. Your PaceSetter High-Efficiency Air Conditioner is designed to provide you with years of quiet, trouble-free cooling and cost savings (uses less electricity), as compared to lower SEER units.

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ACT Heating & Cooling uses PaceSetter HumidifiersHumidifiers

Dry noses, scratchy throats, or itchy skin? When the home heating season arrives it can be accompanied by a variety of indoor problems and discomfort caused by low relative humidity. Medical specialists attest to the health benefits of proper humidity levels, and our Aprilaire Automatic Humidifiers can ensure your home humidity is just right.

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SLA-MUV403HUltra Violet Air Purifiers

Ultra Violet light is very effective at controlling bacteria, viruses, mold spores and odors. That’s why we carry the SolaceAir Series2™ Oxidizing Ultra Violet air purifier. It’s the quietest, most effective air purification system on the market.

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10whmedirightElectronic Filtration

We offer the SolaceAir™ Air Cleaner Electronic Air Filtration system, which can remove 97% of all airborne articles down to 0.3 microns in size. This system is a highly efficient whole-house electronic air cleaner, filter the air as it passes through your existing central heating and cooling system.

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Everything and everybody was just great. I am very proud to have chosen ACT for my central air conditioner and was very pleased with everything. I also look forward to future meetings as needed. Thank you all, you guys are great. ~ Schauer family

Joseph Schauer
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